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Coreflex Product Overview
COREflex provides a low cost warehouse management system consisting of inventory management software, public warehousing software, pallet tracking software and barcode systems to order fulfillment companies, public warehousing companies and third party logistic companies that depend on inventory accuracy to provide their customers with a high level or order fulfillment and inventory control. More ...

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Public Warehouse Software and 3PL Inventory Management Software
COREflex Public Warehouse Software and 3PL Public Warehouse Software is an inventory management system and a warehouse management system designed specifically for third party logistics and public warehouse companies requiring pallet tracking and inventory management. Coreflex 3PL inventory control and order fulfillment records pallet tracking and item tracking activity and automatically calculates billing charges for inbound handling, recurring storage and outbound order fulfillment. Coreflex public warehouse software allows pallet tracking at the pallet level and at the carton level. More ...

Inventory Software for Distribution and Order Fulfillment
Coreflex Lite and Warehouse Management System (WMS) inventory control software provide real-time inventory management and pallet tracking with barcode integration and perpetual inventory management. As order fulfillment tasks are performed, Coreflex inventory software automatically updates inventory totals from initial receipt through to storage and shipment of the inventory items. More ...

Accurate Inventory Control and Pallet Tracking with Barcode Scanning
Coreflex provides real-time inventory control and eliminates inventory control errors by incorporating barcode scanning into Coreflex inventory software, public warehouse software, and pallet tracking software. Order fulfillment and inventory management is enhanced with Coreflex inventory software barcode technology integrates Wedge barcode scanners, Batch barcode scanners and RF (Radio Frequency) barcode scanners.. More ...

Gain control of Back Orders
Coreflex inventory software automatically tracks back ordered inventory items on sales orders and purchase orders. More ...