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Program Set Up
Import QB Items list
Import QB Customer list
Import Flat Files (templates)
System Setting

Adding Products
Adding Vendors

Adding Customers

Create User Ids
Create Units Of Measure
Create Inventory Location Types
Create Storage Locations

System Settings
System Configuration Options
Customize PO Ship To Address
Turn Off QB Invoice generation
Turn Off QB Bill generation

Program Menu Functions
Search Products

Search Storage Locations (Bins)
Set Up Location Types
Set Up Units of Measure (UOMs)

Set Up Vendors
Set Up Customers

Specialized Features
Lot Control Maintenance
Lot Control PO Receiving
Lot Control Item Receiving
Serial Number Tracking (PO Rec)
Serial Number Tracking (Sales Ord)
Returns Processing (RMAs)
Assembly Maintenace
Assembly Kit Master Import (QkBks)

Assembly Kit Master Import (.csv)
UPS WorldShip Interface

Purchase Order Module
Import and Process QB Purchase Orders
Item Receiving (without a Purchase Order)
Purchase Order Receiving
Using RMAs for Returns processing




Sales Order Module
Importing QB Customer files
Create QB Pending Invoices
Import and Process QB Invoices
Creating Sales Orders in COREflex
Manual Allocation to Sales Orders
Processing Single Sales Order
Processing Multiple Sales Orders
Sales Order Hold and Release

Inventory Control Module
Creating User Ids and Passwords

Setting Up UOM Location Types
Creating Storage Locations
Entering Products in COREflex
Import Product and Inventory
Inventory Moves (multiple locations)
Physical Inventory Counts